• what to pack on safari

Everything you need to know to make your stay at Tlouwana a great one

Clothing on safari should be comfortable and use colours that blend into the natural surroundings as much as possible – khaki, olive green, beige, browns, and tans are all good choices. Evening dress is smart casual, and no formal wear required for your stay.

For maximum comfort and preparedness, here’s what you need:

To pack: Year-round

  • Layers are the best way to dress on safari due to fluctuating temperatures. We recommend cotton. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended, as these will protect from both the sun and insects
  • A fleece/warm sweater or warm jacket for morning and evening game drives
  • Hat – broad-brimmed for protection against the sun
  • Polarised sunglasses to help lessen the glare of the African sun
  • Light cotton shirts, t-shirts, and/or blouses
  • Shorts, trousers and longs
  • Good shoes – comfortable sturdy closed shoes/boots and socks for walking
  • Flip flops/swimwear for use on the Victoria Falls day trip
  • Sunblock, insect repellent and lip balm
  • Binoculars – each person should have their own so as not to miss out on any sightings
  • Camera with spare batteries, memory cards, and the correct charging cables & adaptors

To pack: In summer

  • A kikoi or light sarong has a multitude of uses
  • Light, compact jacket or windbreaker for the rainy season
  • Swimwear

To pack: In winter

  • It gets very cold in the evenings and early mornings, and quite hot during the day so layers are essential
  • Warm leggings and thick socks for cold weather
  • Warm headgear such as a woollen beanie
  • Gloves & scarf

A typical summer's day

(Kindly note winter times may vary slightly)

05h30 Wake up call at the room
06h00 Light breakfast in the main area 06h30 Depart for your morning activity: Boat Cruise, nature walk, Return from morning activity
11h00 Brunch Afternoon at leisure – possible activities: Swimming pool, curio shop or village tour
14h30 Afternoon Tea 15h00 Depart on afternoon game drive 19h30 Return from game drive
19h00 Dinner under the stars
After dinner: optional night drive

Important information about the camp and area

  • Tlouwana Camp is built on a pine decking platform and has wheelchair friendly access in Tent 1
  • Because Botswana is a malaria area, precautions are recommended
  • All travellers coming from or going through countries which have been declared yellow fever infected areas must provide an international health certificate of vaccination for yellow fever upon arrival into Botswana
  • The water in camp is safe to drink, but mineral water will be supplied
  • Tlouwana Camp has 220V plug points in all the tents which can be used to charge batteries, and for sleep apnoea machines, hair dryers and kettles
  • There is no wifi in the tents or main areas but wifi can be accessed in the public reception area
  • No children under 12 allowed to participate in walking activities

Any questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you a soon as possible with an answer.